As a kid some of my best summer memories are of riding in the back of my grandparents car with the windows wide open and the dry hot wind creating a wind tunnel in the back seat. I would work on puzzle books or stare out the window and watch the corn fields go by sweeping by row by row. Sometimes I would lay down in the back only to pop back up when I would hear my grandfather click on the blinker. I was always hoping it meant we were where ever we were going, but it usually just meant he was changing lanes. These road trips with my grandparents always meant miles of boredom and lots of adventure. Since having children, it has always been my dream to head out on a journey cross country to show them this amazing country we live in. Somehow it has worked out that this summer is the summer we will be heading out on the open road looking for adventures together.

Not wanting to jump into this trip completely unprepared we are on a practice road trip to Virginia.  Far enough away from Maine that it took some serious driving to get here.  But, we are staying with friends and will be heading back home in less than a week. 

We left Saturday morning at 5:15 am (only 15 minutes behind schedule) and headed out into the snowy morning.  That’s right…it was snowing in Maine as we left on our spring break trip.  We drove in the snow for about an hour until it changed over to rain down in southern Maine.  The roads were clear so it was smooth driving.

This was practice for our trip this summer.  So we left with a good supply of snacks and drinks.  Although it was tempting to buy something, Alex wanted snack pies, we resisted.  I am going to have to figure out how to do coffee when we are traveling.  

We made the trip to Virginia in 13 hours with only three ten minute rest stops.  Along the way we viewed New York City from the George Washington Bridge.  After we passed through the urban areas of NY and New Jersey we realized there were leaves on the trees.  We haven’t seen them yet in Maine.  Alex started sneezing around Maryland.  We arrived at our friends the Schwambs at 6:15 in the evening.

A few things we will need for the BIG trip:  a holder for the Tomtom, handi-wipes (for Dorito dust) and a thermos or something for coffee.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip Practice Run…

  1. Hey, 13 hours to Virginia-not bad timeing – I’m off on a road trip there in July (hottest time of the year-go figure) We are going to Norfolk to visit friends – figured it would take us two days of driving (being so old and all) We are hoping to do Bush Gardens and some Jamestown colonial stuff!! Can’t wait.

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