Today (April 18) we went to Busch Gardens. It was FUN! My mom and I rode in the front row of two roller coasters.   The first one was the Griffon.  We climbed 200 feet in the air, just as we were about to drop the coaster stopped and we hung their suspended for a few seconds.  The next thing we knew we were flying straight down.  From our front row seats the ground came flying up at us. Another coaster we road was called the Alpingeist. It is really terrifying because you dangle underneath the car. It was really intense; it felt like my feet were going to hit the ground. Now I see why people wait longer to ride in the front.


One thought on “A View from the Front by Alex

  1. Really enjoyed seeing your comments about your trip. We had a lot of fiun getting to know you a bit and hope to see you again in the futre.

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