How to plan a five-week cross-country trip???  I won’t be able to tell you for sure until we get back.  We don’t want to be stuck to a tight schedule.  We want to go with the flow which leaves us open to getting stuck in a busy place without a reservation.  This is a bit unnerving because we never travel without reservations.  This blog could very well become a lesson in what not to do.

Deciding on the places to visit has been an ongoing process.  We are  revisiting places I went to when I did a similar trip with Kim Larkin in 1991.

 One of our major guidebooks is 1,ooo Places to See Before You Die.  Despite the dire title it does certainly does help narrow our choices down quite a bit.  We also have AAA Triptiks and guidebooks and brochures sent from state tourism boards.  As I look at the picture that I just noticed someone put a dart in the middle of the map.  I don’t know (really!)  how that got there we are definitely more scientific than that.

Here is the outline of our trip: 

*Drop Molly off with Grammie and Grandpa in  Holland Patent,  NY Head to Michigan( Makinac Island and Upper Peninsula),Wisconsin Dells, South Dakota (DeSmet-Laura Ingalls, Wall, Badlands, Mt Rushmore), Wyoming (Cody, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons) Utah (Salt Lake-pick up Jim, Five national parks), Arizona (Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix-drop Jim off), Colorado (Mesa Verde, Great Sand Dunes), Missouri (St. Louis Arch), Ohio (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Football Hall of Fame) Pennsylvania (Hershey Park), NY to pick up Molly and Home.

If you know of any not to be missed places along the way let us know! 

Now that I am finally finished with school it is time to start packing!  Our planned departure date is 6/22.


8 thoughts on “A Plan…sort of

  1. Have a wonderful trip! Your itinerary is reminiscent of places I’ve been. You may want to check out Deadwood, SD, historic town, Wild Bill Hickok murdered there. Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake. See the Royal Gorge in Canon City, Colo., from the U.S.’s highest suspension bridge. An incredible site, and sight. The arch in St. Louis can be busy (to go up in–a must if you’re there)–you may get a time-stamped ticket for a few hours later, so plan accordingly. Go down to the waterfront and walk around. The city has a great zoo as well. Both St. Louis and in Arizona you’ll see Rt. 66, if you want to drive on it just to say you did! Travel game–see if you can see license plates from all 50 states before you get home.

    Don’t worry so much about reservations. I’ve traveled that way many times and not had a problem. Just don’t travel too late into the night. My travel rule is to only drive during daylight so I don’t get tired, and I don’t miss anything!

    Again, have a great trip–you’ll treasure the memories.

    love, Karin

  2. Have a wonderful time! When you are in the Grand Canyon, try to get to the North Rim (vs the south rim where majority of tourists go and its very commercialized) We stayed at the main lodge (there’s also cabins on premises) on the north rim and rode mules down into the canyon for a day! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures and let us know when you’re back so we can catch up later in the summer!

  3. Bon Voyage guys! Have a great trip and be safe. Looking forward to reading all of your posts. I’ll be with you in “spirit”.


  4. Good times, safe travel, lots of pictures and posts! I’ll be reading (and dreaming about riding along).

    One note: don’t be afraid of silly souvenirs — they can bring back some of the best memories! And if you can sleep under the stars in Moab you’ll never forget the sunrise…



  5. Have a great trip!! You’re going to see some incredible sights. I traveled through a lot of the places on your itinerary and it’s really an amazing landscape. You’re going to love it!! I’m looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Have fun 🙂

  6. we miss you all already!!!! Will keep checking the blog…didn’t I do good?

    LOVE yu….be careful…….

  7. Do you know about the Golden Access pass? Folks with disabilities can get in all of the National Parks for free with it. Also, with it I believe you can go to the rim (forget which one) that doesn’t normally allow cars. Happy Travels! – Amy

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