We’re on the road!  Day one of this once in a life time trip!  We left at 10:30 AM.  We took all morning packing , cleaning, and preparing for five weeks away from home.  It took quite a while to figure out how to stuff everything in the mini van.  We barely had enough room for the humans!  We will get to our first destination (Grammie and Grandpa’s house, Holland Patent, NY) around 5:30 PM……….  Just in time for dinner!

  I am looking forward most to being out west.  I can’t wait to see how different the scenery is from Maine, not having to use a picture.  I am also really looking forward to the biggest  water park in the world in Wisconsin.  It was supposed to be a surprise but dad let it slip one night at dinner J.  Alex and I are thankful for that.  I must admit I am surprised Mom is keeping to our goal to not have much fast food along the way.  I was really surprised when we didn’t stop for coffee on the way out of Brunswick.  Got to go!



3 thoughts on “The Beginning by Erin

  1. Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the water park. Mom didn’t stop for Dunkin Donuts coffee???!!! Wow!

    Have fun.


  2. Looking forward to seeing all the pictures that you are going to send. That’s such huge news!!!! have alot of fun!!!


  3. Oh I love it out west! Its my favorite part of the country….that and the Smokey Mountains. I can’t wait to hear your reactions to the mountains…you think you’ve seen mountains ’til you have seen the ones out there. And seeing mountains in every direction everywhere you go is amazing.
    Oh, I feel bad for your mom! LOL! Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts already! 🙂

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