On the Road Again!

On the road again!!!  We left Holland Patent,  NY at about 9:00.  Our next stop is Port Huron, Michigan.  When in Michigan, I am looking forward to the bike tour around Mackinac Island.  We will rent bikes and helmets then take an 8 mile tour around the island.  In the helmets there are two way radios in the helmets and I think that will be a cool feature.  When Mom was looking at the trip tiks she saw that we will be passing Niagra Falls on our way to Michigan.  She also said we could stop by just to see it.

  In New York I enjoyed riding the horses…..  Jack and Gracie.  I also enjoyed grooming them and swimming in the pool.  It was funny because this morning I saw a commercial for visiting Michigan right before we left.  Last night Alex and I tried out the new cots out on the porch along with our two cousins, Austin and Amanda.  They were very comfortable to sleep on for the night.  The only problem was the annoying mosquitoes buzzing in my ear part of the night.  I did enjoy myself though.  I really should get over the bugs I need to get used to them (:



5 thoughts on “On the Road Again! 6/25/10

  1. Enjoy the “U/P” of Michigan. You can actually swim in Lake Michigan on the Michigan side of the lake. Take lots of bug spray!

  2. Hello! You don’t know me, but I’m an old old old friend of your Dad’s. We met at Agassiz Village. Since I’ve never met any of you, you can imagine its been a looong time. 😉 I think maybe your folks’ wedding? Yikes!
    Anyway….I am really enjoying this blog. I’ve never known a young person who has kept a blog of their travels like this, but I think it is a wonderful idea. My husband and I used to travel a LOT when we didn’t have kids, and I am really hoping that when they are a bit older they will love it as much as we do (and as much as you guys obviously do). And I’m going to encourage them to write about their travels when they’re old enough too – this is such a great idea!
    I can’t wait to hear about your reactions to the most beautiful things you see. You all seem like really good story tellers. Signing your posts so we know who is telling the current story would be great…although I am sure after a while it will be obvious as I get accustomed to your different writing styles.
    Have a blast – and I can’t wait to read more!

    Amy Kelly
    Bedford, MA

  3. Your trip sounds like so much fun…..now I wish I went along for the ride! There was a movie once and they tied the Gramma on the roof racks….could have worked!

    Love reading your blog…..stay safe…luv you

  4. WoW! That bike ride sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to hear how the radio helmets work.

    When I used to camp outside, I loved it except for the mosquitoes; and I never did get used to them. That buzzing is so annoying.

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