Alex and Erin inside the Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.

After a short visit with my brother Edward,  we are on our way and into new territory.  Our trip through Canada was uneventful.  We arrived in Port Huron at about 8:00 on Friday night where we had reservations at the KOA.  Oh boy… KOA Kamping is VERY different from what we are used to at Maine State Parks.  Way too much commotion,  I was afraid the kids would like it too much because of all the activities…pool, dances, movies, hayrides, train rides.  They thought it was way too loud and large.  They decided it is like the Wal Mart of the camping world.

We got up early Saturday morning and the kids and I went for a run along the St. Clair river.  It was a bit rainy and only the fishermen were out besides us.  After our run we packed up and headed north. 

We were sidetracked by the billboards for Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth.   I remembered seeing it in the AAA book and it was listed as a gem so we gave it a try.  We weren’t disappointed.    As soon as we pulled into the parking lot we couldn’t help but be put in the Christmas spirit as we drove down the driveway lined with Christmas lights and snowmen.  When we got out of the car Christmas music was playing over loud speakers.  It reminded us of our visit to Santa’s Village in New Hampshire a few years ago.  Basically, Bronner’s is a Christmas store that is the size of 1 and ½ football fields.  They carry ornaments from all over the world in every, color, size and shape we could imagine.  As we turned each corner there was another Christmas surprise and so much to take in.  In addition, to all the merchandise there were Christmas displays from floor to ceiling.  We also meandered around the outside of the store which was also decked out with all kinds of Christmas décor.  They have even built a replica of Silent Night Chapel (original in Oberndorf, Austria) which was a peaceful oasis.

We headed back out on the road and arrived in Mackinaw City around 4:00.  We are now camping at the Tee Pee campground along the shore of Lake Huron.


3 thoughts on “Port Huron to Mackinaw City, Michigan (June 26, 2010)

  1. I was just wondering if they sold Christmas containers or elf suits for dogs at this place. There’s actually people out there that buy stuff like that. I know, weird huh? Glad the trip is going well. I threw my back out Wedneswday doing the Yoga DVD. I now hate yoga!

  2. I would love that place. I listen to Christmas music whenever I’m feeling a little low. Especially brass. I’m especially impressed that you are all running.

  3. OK-I just got all caught up on the blog-Erin-you crack me up-is your mom sticking to the no-fast food? I think I would have liked the Christmas place-we are headed to Santa’s Village next week.

    Safe Travels!

    Cathy Curtis

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