Alex and Erin ready to cross the suspension bridge
Erin on the zip line

                                                                       A Day of Adventures

Today was truly a day of adventures.  We got up at 8:00AM and headed out to Colonial Michilimackinac for a day of adventures.  The fort was a recreation of the fort back in the French and Indian war.  I enjoyed watching them cook over a fire and use dutch ovens.  A very interesting part of history is that the natives pretended to be playing a game and they threw the ball over the fort’s walls.  All of the British men were watching this sport so all of the gates were open.  They chased after the ball and that was when they attacked the British.

  After that we went to lunch.  We had a Michigan special, Pasties pronounced past-ees.  They were really good.  They are like little bread pockets filled with meat.  I had an Italian style so mine was covered with cheese and sauce.

  After our stomachs were full we went to the adventure park.  It is in the woods near what used to be Mill Creek Mill.  We did a tour that was all about seeing nature from different angles.  It sounds boring but it was one of the coolest things we’ve done so far.  First, we walked across a wobbly bridge with nothing connecting it to the ground.  Then, my favorite part, the zip line!  I was  connected to a wire 50 feet in the air.  I was standing on a mini porch and I was supposed told to jump off.  I was too short so I didn’t jump off, I fell off.  It felt like I was flying.  The third part was rock climbing 40 feet up.  Alex and I both made it to the top.  Mom claims she made it more than half way Alex and I estimate she went a little less than half.  Overall, today was pretty exciting.



3 thoughts on “A Day of Adventures by Erin (6/27/10)

  1. That sounds awesome! I’ll have to take notes as you travel so I can tell my nieces and their parents — maybe I’ll send them your link so they can see some of the cool things to do out there.

    Have fun and keep posting!

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