Alex and Erin on the rock wall

Erin and Alex have done a great job sharing our adventures.  Here is my two cents…

I really enjoyed the Colonial Michilimackinac site.  It gave me some new insight into the events around the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War.  The French and the Indians really had a good relationship until the Brits came along.  There was a lot of tension when the British won the war and took over the fort.  Later the Indians aligned with the British to fight against those dreaded rebels.  This is a very different perspective from the one we have in New England.

The kids were relieved when we were “allowed” to eat at a restaurant.  We have managed to avoid fast food and I plan to stick to it.  I only had to get one cup of emergency coffee to make it to NY.  We enjoyed the local dish of pasties (past-ees).  They are meat stuffed in a pastry.  Alex loved and thinks I should make them.  I am sure he can make them himself.

My experiences at the Mill Creek Discovery Park are part of my training for Amazing Race.  I was able to maneuver over the bouncing suspension bridge while taking pictures.  The zip line was a piece of cake although the instructor forgot to tell me about how to turn around when going backwards.  He told the rest of our group while I was flying backwards over the pond.  I have managed to avoid climbing walls but I wanted to get my money’s worth.  So I climbed, I would say, three-quarters of the way up.  I stopped not because I was scared to go higher…I was scared to go down from a higher place.  They had an automatic belay system and I was afraid I would come crashing down.  Now, if this had been Amazing Race and there was Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or some form of chocolate at the top I would have gotten up there no problem.


7 thoughts on “Mackinaw City by Mom (6/28/2010

  1. Too bad there aren’t pictures of that zip-trip! Sounds like you’re having a blast and all of it is fun to read – especially Erin & Alex’s perspective (how far up that wall?)…


  2. You’re writings are as impressive as the information you’re passing along. NO JUNK FOOD???? My peanut butter cookies and cereal snack mix are made of all wholesome ingrediants (isn’t that right Alex and Erin?). I look forward to “catching up” with you each day. Love you all….be careful and have a blast!
    Gramma and Pops

  3. I love the pictures of the new recruites! Good job mom doing the amazing race practice! lol Sounds like things are going well with the trip! Keep writing and have fun!

  4. Love the Amzing Race comment and fully agree with your analysis. Consider this your training for the actual thing! I’m on day 14 of P90 X and have lost fifiteen pounds, down to 155! Eatingm great and healthy! I’ll be reayd for the physical challenges so you had better Bring It on the travel guru end of things!

  5. The Amazing Race? That’s what you re calling teaching Fifth grade these days? Who is Steve Howe and how did he loose 15 pounds? If you make it to San Diego, there are zoo tickets, swimming pool and breakfast waiting for you.
    Love, Marie

    1. Hi Marie! Steve is the old guy I am teaching with now. I think two fifth grade teachers doing Amazing Race would be a great lesson in Geography. I wish we were going to make it to CA but not this time. Maybe next year??? I am so glad you are following us! I drove by a store called Mimi’s place and thought of you! TTFN

  6. Hi Everyone!
    I am thoroughly enjoying reading about your adventures. It looks as though you are off to an exciting start. The zip line sounded like a lot of fun. However, the bridge with the piece of wood for a walkway seemed extremely intimidating. Vacation and no junk food is an amazing feat! Can’t wait to read more!

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