Mucking around Mackinac by Alex

June 27, today was rainy and cloudy. In the morning we got up and had fried bagels and cereal for breakfast.  This is our official camping trip breakfast.   After that we decided to go to Fort Michilimackinac. It was really cool we saw them fire a cannon.  We played an Indian version of lacrosse. 

New recruits for the British Army

After that we went back into the town and got pasties at a bakery.   Pasties are meat wrapped in bread they are really good.  I want mom to figure out how to make them.   When we finished lunch we went to Mill Creek Discovery Park. 

 The discovery park has an adventure tour which included a zip line, suspension bridge and climbing wall it was really fun.  First you had to get all the equipment.  There were two harnesses one to hold you and one to stop you from going upside down.  We also had to wear helmets.   After we had all the equipment the guide talked about all the stuff in the park then took us to a bridge. The bridge was a piece of wood hung on wires over a pond we where 50 feet in the air.   The walk across the bridge was scary because the bridge is so thin and wobbly.  When ever body was across the bridge the guide brought us up the trail to the zip line start.  He talked about some of the trees then told us how the zip line worked. Mom went first so she could take pictures of me and Ham. Ham went second and  I went third.  It was really fun.   After we were done they had a climbing wall I climbed all the way to the top it was 40 feet tall. Even mom tried it she only got half way up.

Oh Thank Goodness!! Food we didn’t have to cook ourselves!


3 thoughts on “Mucking Around Mackinaw by Alex (6/27/10)

  1. Neat picture – aren’t you glad your mom went first? I hope you didn’t have to shoot anybody at the Fort!?

  2. Great picture of you Alex. I don’t think I would have been able to cross the suspension bridge, sounds kind of scary.

    Looking forward to hearing more.


  3. Great writing Alex!

    I really got a great picture of your adventure! Don’t let mom have too much Dunkin Drinks. I’ve seen her on caffeine and it’s not pretty.

    Enjoy this great adventure, even if it is with two crazy ladies!

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