Busy, Busy, Busy!!

East Bay Lighthouse on Grand Island in Lake Superior
This rock is called Indian Head

 Today we went on two boat cruises from the town of Munising on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our first was shipwreck tour.  The tour was about shipwrecks.  We were on a glass bottom boat that hovered over old shipwrecks that happened in Lake Superior.  We only got to see one out of three because it got really windy and we had rough seas ahead.  The one that we saw was an old cargo boat that sank when it was overloaded but still in the harbor.  It was fascinating to see a ship fully intact at the bottom of a lake.  They said that during one tour somebody was looking through the bottom and found an old, undiscovered ship wreck. 

  Our second tour was at 7:00 PM.  This tour was called the Pictured Rocks tour.  The tour went around amazing rock formations that were formed by erosion.  The rocks were all different colors from different chemical seepages.  The tour was frigid, it was like late fall.  For the last fifteen minutes we went downstairs because it was really warm and the motion made me feel sick.  We did not get back from the tour until 10:00.

  On top of both of the tours we went to many tourist sites like waterfalls and walks to see some of the Pictured Rocks from a different angle.  We had a very busy day.



3 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy by Erin 6/29/10

  1. Were you on the boat for sunset, and could you see the rock formations the whole time? I wonder what the light was like on those colored rocks…

    1. We were on the boat for the sunset which happens much later around 10:15 than it does on the coast. The light from the sunset gave the rocks a nice orange glow. I really think it was the ideal time to see them.

  2. Indian Head looks like the Old Man in the Mountain once looked. I’m enjoying your trip vicariously!!

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