Shipwrecked Bermuda off Grand Island in Lake Superior

Well…I have finally done it.  I have completely worn out Alex and Erin.  We spent the day at Noah’s Ark Waterpark:”America’s Largest Waterpark” and they fell asleep at 8:00.  I had to do laundry.  Don’t feel sorry for me.  The laundry room is air-conditioned, comfortable and quiet.  The most comfort I have had since leaving my parents.

So the visit to the waterpark is s true example of the sacrifices parents make for their kids.  Have I mentioned I don’t like to be wet, hate to splashed and really don’t like to be cold and wet.  Nevertheless, the morning we were at the waterpark at 9:00.  The temperature was about 70 and breezy, not great for standing around in a wet bathing suit.  Fortunately, the day heated up and we all had a blast.

 I know the kids will fill you in on many of the slides.  But, the most interesting one was a loop waterslide.  That’s right… a loop.  As you go up to the top there are directions on what to do in the event you get stuck.  When we get to the top we had to stand on a scale to make sure we are between 90-290 pounds.  To me this was reason enough to turn around and bail on this one but I stuck it out.  Next, I stepped into a tube that Erin described as a teleportal.  The door swishes shut, there is a countdown 3…2..1.. and the floor drops out and I am flying through a tube that does send me upside down.  I thought I was drowning at one point.  Thankfully I didn’t get stuck and it was over in ten seconds…then we did it again 🙂

Tomorrow we will be going on a river cruise to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.  I am not quite sure how this place went from a river with interesting rock formations to a tourist trap amusement park mecca.  By noon we will be heading west and getting as far as we can toward South Dakota.  Probably stopping over in Minnesota.

Since we were at a waterpark there aren’t many pictures.  I am including a few that Alex didn’t load with the batch from Michigan.  Enjoy…

Hotel where Somewhere in Time was filmedHorse and Carriage on Mackinak IslandEating fudge on the ferry ride from MackinakOn board for the SHipwreck tour