Ham, Mom and I at Fort Mackinak

Today we went to Makinack Island. Makinack Island is an island in lake Huron. It is cool because there are no cars on the island only bike and horses. We rented bikes to bike around the island. We biked the road that goes all the way around the island. We stopped at the arch it was really cool we had to walk up really steep steps to get to it but it was worth it. The arch was a doughnut shaped hole on the cliff. After we finished the loop around the island we biked into the middle of the island there were lots of hills. We biked to the tallest part of the island. The tallest place on the island is fort Holmes named after a general who died in the battle of Makinack Island during the war of 1812. After we turned in our bikes we ate lunch. Then we went to the Fort Makinack it was a long climb to the fort. At the fort we watched the soldiers play different marches on the fife and drum.  After we looked at the fort we went back to the city and got fudge.  After we looked at some of the stores we went back to the boat and went home to our campsite.

The ArchMom, Ham and I at Fort Mackinak

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