Yesterday we went up to Munising to see the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.  It is a very remote area much like northern Maine and we experienced fall like weather.  We were able to see a great deal in just one day.

I have always known the Great Lakes are well big…but this is the first time I have really experienced them and had a better understanding of how vast they are.  Lake Superior is really like the ocean.  The waves were very high and rough which would explain the high number of shipwrecks.  It is amazing to me to think that the fur traders in the 1700 and 1800s paddled their canoes full of furs across these lakes.  Especially when you consider that modern-day 65 foot long vessels are grounded when the lake becomes too rough. 

The kids are getting a little tired but they are being good sports.  Today was their “down” day, they relaxed while I drove 8 hours to Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.  They were bickering a little bit and I started to call them Edith and Archie and they had no idea what I was talking about.  They have since pulled themselves together and are enjoying a nice swim in the pool.

We are back at a KOA.  I am afraid it has become like Wal Mart and like our home away from home or a place I love to complain about but at least I am familiar with it.  I called a Jellystone campground and they were going to charge $75.00 for a primitive site (no water of electricity)…no way I was going to pay that!  Then I got a reservation at a cheaper place…we pulled up and the campground office was a bar!  And, we were the only people there!  Yikes!  As I was peeling out of that driveway I was on the phone with the KOA and we are settled in nicely.

Tomorrow we are going to a water park.  Friday we are planning to head to South Dakota.


3 thoughts on “On the road again…by Mom 6/30/10

  1. Love reading all your postings. Makes me feel like we’re part of the trip and makes it seem like you’re nearby.

    Kids looked sharp in their sweatshirts…sounded like you needed them! Alex and Erin….you’re doing an awesome job with your postings… too Mom. “talk” to you soon……love you all.

  2. Diana, you are my hero!
    Alex and Erin…I’m so inpressed with your descriptions. You should both be getting college credit for your blogging work!
    Continue to have a great time and stay away from those bars!
    Off to the Catskills tomorrow to spend the weekend with Carter and Lee.
    All is well here.
    LOVE hearing about your adventures.
    Love, Miss Lulu XOXOXOXOX

  3. Did you ever feel the beauty of the Dells was enhanced by the many displays of giant plastic creatures? You’ll love the Dakotas. Real wild west.
    Make sure you go to Wind Cave National Park and the Black Hills in S. Dakota. Very beautiful and unique.

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