Alex and Erin biking


  Picture this, a small Island off the coast of Mackinaw City, Michigan.  Now picture it with no gas vehicles.  The only ways to get around on Mackinaw Island are to……. walk, bike or horse and buggy.  This makes the air smell fresh and clean other than the fact that there are horse leavings everywhere.  To get to this beautiful island you take a boat that looks like a jet-ski, water flying out the back and all.  It only takes about 18 minutes to take the voyage to the island.

  First we biked all the way around the island which is about 8 miles.  Unfortunately they didn’t have tours going so we didn’t get to use the two way radios.  About half-way it started pouring out.  Thankfully we were near the restrooms so we could stop and wait it out.  For some reason, my pants were soaked and Mom and Alex’s pants were sprinkled on.  My solution to the problem was to dry my pants on the electric hand dryer.  It actually worked.  Overall we biked about 14 miles that day.  I did get really tired so my bike fell on me every time we stopped.  As we biked we saw many land marks including, an arch (it looked more like a dounut), sugar rock (it wasn’t made out of sugar), and the devil’s skull (I don’t even want to talk about that one).

We saw this rabbit during our ride.

  The next thing we did was go to Fort Mackinaw.  Fort Mackinaw was a fort used in the war of 1812.  The fort had most all original buildings and had people dressed up like they would in that time.  The fort was very interesting and historically accurate.

  Our next stop is Munising, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.  We will be staying there two nights and the drive is only 2 hours.  When we are there we are going to do some hiking and we are going on a ship wreck tour in Lake Superior.  Mom said the boat has a glass bottom so I think that will be really cool.



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