Well…we started off with good intentions regarding the fast food thing but things fell apart a little today.  Here is what happened… we left the Dells and drove west about five hours and ended up in Mankato, MN for a stop over.  We ended up in a city park campgound…HUGE mistake.  All the people looked relatively normal when we got there.  By about 9 PM they all turned into party animals.  Apparently, everyone goes to this park to party and camp.  There was no such thing as quiet hours at this place.  It was awful…we didn’t get much sleep.  We had already planned to get up early so we could get to DeSmet, SD in good time.  So we were out of there by 6 AM. I had to resist the urge to honk my horn and crank up my music to say good-bye to everyone.

The only place open was McDonalds so I HAD to eat an egg McMuffin.  We arrived in DeSmet by about 9:30 for our Laura Ingalls tour.  We finished the first part at lunch time and we are out of lunch meat so we HAD to eat at Subway.  We will talk more about DeSmet later. 

After our visit to DeSmet we headed west and arrived in Pierre.  Well…after the night we had last night I didn’t look too hard for a campground.  But, I did find a nice hotel with WIFI, A/C, pool, breakfast AND cookies!  It is also cheaper than camping at the Jellystone. 

It turns out it was a good plan because there are severe storms going through the area right now.  Tomorrow we will head back out into the wilderness.  We are heading to Wall Drug, Badlands and Black Hills.  We are on the move becuase we need to be in Salt Lake by Friday to pick up Jim! 🙂

Endless prairie and corn fields...this has been the view during the last day of driving.

3 thoughts on “Falling off the Wagon or a Vacation from Vacation by Mom 7/3/10

  1. Hang in there gang! Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Sounds like a pretty crazy campground! I like your idea about blasting the music and honking the horn upon leaving. I would not have been so classy, I would have done it. Good luck on meeting Jim by Friday and Happy Fourth of July.

    My update for the p-90 x adenture is : Day 20 is today. Down to 155, (lost 16lbs. since start), down to 32.5 in waist (lost 3.5 inches since start). Diet is sooooo hard to stick to but I am being serious about it. If you ever needed a reason to avoid fast food, just watch the documentary, Food, Inc. Scary Stuff!

    Don’t be to bad in the Badlands.


  2. Off the waGON IS greaT!!!!!!! OMG, you deserve all the comforts you can muster. You’ve always been my mother-of-the-year, but this year you’ve surpassed that!!!!
    Hugs to Jim! It might be difficult to join this band of wandering Mainers in the middle of their monkey business!

    BIG hugs and kisses to you all. We’re having sooooooooooooo much fun traveling with you.
    Lee and Carter thought your adventures are incredible and wanted to be sure I was replying to your messages. Had a FABULOUS time with them over the weekend.

    Love all four of you TONS and TONS!!!!!!!
    Lulu and Brian XOXOXOXOXOXOOX

  3. Ditto on the previous comments – have a blast and don’t sweat the Subways! Somehow it sounds like you’ll work any toxins out of your systems pretty quick.

    I remember your trip ‘many’ years ago (watch it ;). SO glad the family is sharing this adventure!

    best to all – Karen

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