Today we went to Noah’s Ark water park, the largest water park in America.  The park also had America’s first upside down waterslide; of course I went on it.  It worked like this; first, I stood in a tube.  Then, there is a countdown and the floor is drooped out from under me and I shoot down the slide without even touching it for parts.  Eventually, I get shot through a loop and out to the end where there is a shallow puddle and you get a lot of water up your nose.  This is the part were a lot of people get stuck.  It is very unsettling when somebody gets stuck while you are waiting in line.  When I was there watching, somebody was wearing shorts so she couldn’t get enough speed.  At this point she slid backwards and a worker came and opened a hatch to let her out. 

My favorite slide was the Anaconda, the longest slide in America.  In this slide we all got to ride together.  This slide is actually a water coaster.  This means that there is a conveyer belt carrying you up.  When you hit the belt you go flying in the air and land going down a slide.  Mom’s favorite was Dark voyage, because the slide was black, therefore the water was warm.  It was a pretty good slide though.  There was this section called adventure lagoon and it had a zip line I hold on to and jump off to land in the water.  Almost everyone falls off at the top at some point because it is very hard to get a good grip to be able to jump off a ledge.  I fell off once and I landed in a belly flop.  Alex fell off a lot, Mom never tried.  I was sore the next morning from riding it so many times.  I also really enjoyed the wave pool.  I had a lot of fun at Noah’s Ark.



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