Erin and mom on porch of Ingalls homestead.
Erin drives the wagon

Today we went to the Laura Ingalls Wilder house. They had the house the her dad had built they also had a house that they had lived in.  It was not very exciting. Then after we saw that we ate lunch and went to the Laura Ingalls wilder homestead. The home stead is the land the government gave them. At the homestead they had ponies you could ride but I was too big. We rode on a covered wagon. Ham got to drive I did not want to. They had baby ponies they were really cute walking around and lying in the grass. The wind was really annoying it did not stop and blue really hard.  Now I kind of know how Dad felt after Mom dragged him around Prince Edward Island doing the Anne of Green Gables tour.  After we looked at the homestead we started driving again we stayed in a hotel in Pierre, South Dakota.

Alex with foalMom and Erin on porch of Ingalls homestead house Erin drove the wagon

2 thoughts on “Ingalls Homestead by Alex 7/3/10

  1. Hi MarcAurele family. Looks like you are having a fun time on your motor trip. We enjoy following you on the blog. Dad will be joining you in just acouple of days. The weather in Maine if actually too hot
    Today Gramma and I went to wells beach at 7:30am. It is hard to find a parking place . We loaded some chairs and abeach umbrella. The only thing is that when I got on the beach and opened the umbrella the mice had eaten a hole in the top and chewed the strap off. We ran to the water with the umbrella and soaked it in the ocean. The mice must have been living in the closed umbrella in the shed. Will sav e it to show you guys.
    It has been so hot on the deck that we bought one of those fold up tents 9feet by 9 feet. Now the sun is on the hot tub but there is shade on the table and deck. Can’t wait till your family is back.
    After our beach day we returned to the hot tub for the rest of the day. We were hungry and needed to do some shoping. We ate at Bonanza and finisheds off with ice cream sundays. On the way home I pointed out SAWYER ROAD to gram ma on route 109. Maybe Erin should send Sawyer a post Card. Alex could send _______a post card also.

    Keep in touch through the blogs. It is great to share yout great experience. You have a great mmom and dat to make this trip possible.

    Love Pops

  2. Alex,
    You get the brother-of-the-year award for doing the Laura Ingalls Wilder thing!!!!!! I understand your pain, but now you have your dad on board for all that other stuff!!!!!!

    Love your messages!!!!! Wish I was in the back seat with you…..or maybe the front seat!


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