Erin inside wook claim shack


  Today was a very educational day.  We went to two Laura Ingalls Wilder sites in DeSmet, South Dakota.  The first was the Surveyors house and school she went to, (not in the original locations) along with the house “Pa” built on the Prairie.  I thought it was very interesting to see what house she lived in.  It made me wish I had read all the books!  The surveyor’s house was very big compared to what Laura usually lived in.  In fact, she called it a mansion; it was smaller than our house.  I was surprised to see how many items they had preserved.  There wasn’t much to see in her school because restoration was in progress; you could still see some drawings on a chalkboard.  I thought the buildings were very interesting, Alex, on the other hand, didn’t.

  Our second stop was the Ingalls’ homestead, on the prairie.  This stop was very hands-on and interesting.  I was surprised to have constant wind blowing in my face and to see all the tall grass blowing in the wind.  First we saw the two different kinds of houses, dugouts or wooden shanty. I liked dugout better, you kept much, much cooler, the only problem is the walls are made of mud and makes a mess.   We then went to a little house that had all the little items they would need on a day to day basis.  I must say I enjoyed doing laundry their way better because it took less time.  One of my favorite parts was riding the covered wagon.  I got to drive it, I didn’t crash either.  We went to a school as a stop on the ride that was used in that time period.  The school was kind of like Growstown School, a school I went to as a school trip this year.  Once we got back we went into a little building were you do crafts from that time.  I made a rope by spinning a handle and I made a doll made of a dried up corn cob that I sent through a machine that pulled all the dried corn off.  I had a lot of fun on the prairie.

Erin driving the pony cart
Alex and Erin inside the sod house



2 thoughts on “Laura Ingalls Wilder by Erin 7/3/10

  1. The tall grass blowing in the wind is very beautiful to me. Funny but I can’t help but thinking about the old “Littel House on the Prairie” TV show and Laura always sayomg ” Aw, Pa!”

    On to see the buffalo next. You’ll love them.


  2. Erin,

    Thanks for posting so many interesting details about this visit! I read *all* the Laura Ingalls Wilder books when I was a kid, so I really loved reading this. I think if you go back and read them, you’ll probably love them even more than I did because of your direct experience with the land there!

    Loving reading about your adventures!


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