Scenery in the Badlands it looks like another planet


  Today was one of my favorite stops, it helped to wake up in a nice, air conditioned hotel room.  We stayed in a hotel because we couldn’t find a campground.  We were lucky because there were thunderstorms in the area.  Anyway, we stopped in the Bad Lands today.  The Bad Lands are like a whole different planet. There are all different types of rock formations in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a prairie to be exact.  I was surprised, seeing how different the land was from Maine.  In Maine it is plush and grassy; out there it is dry and crumbly.  I loved exploring on the rocks, it made me nervous that wherever I put my hand, a bit fell off, it was that crumbly.  I also loved hiking.  We did two trails.  The first was along a cliff and at the top, was a beautiful view.  At one point, you have to climb up a log ladder.  Mom and Alex were teasing me because I said I loved the hiking 1 min. and 17 sec. into the hike,   I remained loving it to the very end.  Our second hike was nearly straight up a rock.  When we got to the top, somehow, we were ground level when Alex and I were expecting a view.  The end was the hardest as we scrambled down the mountain.  I was very slow.  While we were at the National Park I did the Junior Ranger program.  This is a program were kids do all sorts of activities, and if you complete them you get a patch.  We all were in shock when I finished it on time, but when I went to turn it in to get a patch, they were out, and so I have to mail it.

Erin and Alex at the beginning of our first hike. It was successful because it was short and had interesting terrain.
Erin riding the mythical Jackalope

  After we finished up at the Bad Lands, we went to Wall and found a campground for the night.  After we had camp all set up, we went to Wall Drug, a drug store that is really big and is a tourist attraction.  They have everything, from cowboy boots to a restaurant.  They are particularly famous for their 5 cent coffee and homemade doughnuts.  We also went there in the morning for breakfast. We are now headed to the black hills.



3 thoughts on “Badlands and Wall Drug By Erin 7/

  1. WOW!!!!! We got sooooooo much info today!!!!!
    First, Alex…..are you planning on bringing your new “Friend” home with you? Do you think she’d fit in Maine????? I love all the history and adventures you explained to us. You’re getting way too smart!

    Erin…..Would you PLEASE bring home one of those roly poly prarrie dogs for Oliver. He’s wanted a playmate for years. Be sure to find out what we should feed it. I thinbk Sadie would probably like to have one too.

    Diana! I’ve always wanted to be a Marc-Aurele, especially on vacations…..BUT!!!!!!! the roads and the rattlesnakes have changed my mind. I’d be happy to be adopted by you all under somewhat different circumstances. Like, I liked the sound of the air conditioned hotel! It is SOOOOOOOOOOO hot and humid here.

    Keep up the great work and take good care of each other. I expect to see some pictures of Dad soon.

    Love you guys!@!!!!!!!! LULU XOXOXOXOX

  2. Hi there!

    It was fun to read about what you thought of the Badlands. I agree, it feels like you stepped onto another planet. And the Badlands just pop up out of the middle of no-where! All of a sudden – there they are!

    And, the donuts at Wall Drug are my favorite, I am a little jealous that you got one! 🙂

    Hope you are enjoying all things South Dakota!
    Safe travels,

    Katlyn Richter
    South Dakota Office of Tourism

    1. Hello Katlyn!

      We are so excited that you found your way to our blog! We had a wonderful time on our travels through South Dakota. If you ever get to Wall Drug we highly suggest you try a Pecan Roll!

      The Marc-Aurele Family

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