Today we drove to the Badlands in South Dakota. It only took two hours. On the way we stopped to see prairie dogs they were really cute. After we saw the prairie dogs we went into the park we parked and walked around the rock.   The rock formations are really tall but crumbly.  When I touched them they fell apart.  After we walked around for a while we went to visitor center where we watched the video they have and looked at the museum. After we were done there we ate lunch and decided what hike we wanted to do.

Climbing the cliff ladder on the Notch Trail
We loved the Prairie Dogs!
We climbed these crumbly rocks.

We decide to do a hike called the Notch trail it was really cool first it goes though a canyon. Then we had climb up a ladder to the top of the canyon then we walked along the edge of the canyon. It was tricky because the rocks were really crumbly and it was like walking on marbles.  It took us about 20 minutes to get to the end. At the end of the trail there was a cliff on the ground under the cliff there was a deer eating grass.

After we were done we did another hike called Saddle Pass. It was really steep and rocky. When you get to the top you expect a good view. But you really on a plateau and all we saw was prairie.  It was harder going down the trail because it was so steep and easy to slip.  Mom and I went down by crouching down and sliding.  This was if we fell, it was a short fall.   After we were done hiking we drove to Wall and set up our tent.

One of many signs we passed along the route starting in South Dakota.

 After we set up our tent we went to Wall Drug it was really cool. We had seen signs for miles before advertising free ice water and 5 cent coffee.  We drank the free ice water.  We posed for pictures with all of the stuffed deer bear and rabbits.  The store was really big and had everything a person would need. 

Alex made a friend at Wall Drug.

One thought on “Badlands and Wall SD by Alex 7/4/10

  1. Prairie Dogs had really good “Spin Doctors”. Let’s call ’em as we see ’em: Prairie RATS!

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