Well…the kids did a great job talking about the Badlands and Wall.  But, I have a few more pictures to add.  One of my greatest frustrations when visiting places like this is the pictures just don’t do it justice.  I feel like the screen on the camera just isn’t big enough to fit it all in.

Badlands National Park
More scenery...

We finally did get to do a hike and I am easing the kids into it.  They really did enjoy it although I was nervous one of them would slip into the canyon.  It was like hiking on marbles and a few part of the trail were very narrow with a sharp drop off.

The kids didn't believe there were rattlesnakes until they saw this sign!
Our van parked in front Wall Drug.

As we entered this area, I told the kids they need to be careful of rattlesnakes.  They didn’t believe me until they saw the sign.  I don’t like snakes.  Before we left I bought a snake venom kit.  I am hoping the snakes will just know we have it and stay away.  It was the first thing I put in our pack, even before snacks!

Wall Drug is such a quirky place.  I first heard of it in London in 1989 when I saw I sign for in on the underground.  When Kim and I made this trip in 1991, we saw the signs and had to stop.  I knew the kids would get a kick out of it so we made a return trip.  I had thought it was mostly a tourist trap.  But, when we went for breakfast we were in the company of ranchers and cowboys.  We overheard all kinds of conversations about the crops and the cattle.  The homemade pecan rolls were fabulous!


2 thoughts on “Badlands and Wall, SD by Mom 7/4/10

  1. Oh yeah…there’s snakes. You think they were kidding? Sometime I need to tell you snake stories from my old home. We had a designated sawed-off shot gun snake killer! I always carried an anti-venom kit with me when I hiked. They work for scorpion bites too!

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