Today we stayed in Cody,  Wyoming.   It is the town that Buffalo Bill Cody founded. They have a huge museum all about Buffalo Bill, it was really cool.

Buffalo Bill Cody is a very friendly guy and he welcomed us to his museum

We spent most of the day at the museum. After we were at the museum for a while we went on a trolley tour of Cody. The trolley tour was really fun we learned a lot about the town and places we should go see.   After we did the trolley tour we went back to the museum and saw the Indian section and the Yellowstone section. The Yellowstone section was really cool they had lots of stuffed animals. They also had videos about what to do if a bear charges at you and how to be safe around bears.   After we were done at the museum we went to the Irma hotel. In font of the hotel they have a play of a gunfight it was really funny. After the play we ate dinner.  Because we only had a little bit of time we had turkey sandwiches in the Walmart parking lot. After we ate our sandwich we went to the rodeo. The rodeo was lots of fun. The bulls bucked really hard to get the rider off it must be really hard to do. Ham and I got to sit on one of the bulls. Tomorrow we are going to Yellowstone.

Erin said sitting on Hollywood was a bit do those cowboys stay on for 8 seconds when the bull is bucking???

2 thoughts on “Cody, Wyoming by Alex 7/7/10

  1. Hi Alex!

    I’ve always been a little bit concerned about meeting a bear up at Babble-On when I walk out the camp road. I’ll be anxiouys to hear what you learned and your best advice. Is it true you should wear a bell?

    Lulu xoxoxox

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