Devil’s Tower

While we were cruising along I-90 we saw signs for Devil’s Tower national monument.  We made the decision to take the side trip and have lunch there.  I have seen the tower in many photos and it is also known for being in the movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

It was foggy and rainy so the view as we approached wasn’t great.  Then, all of a sudden it appeared in the fog and it was a little creepy.  We learned that this is a sacred site for the local native people and they prefer to call it Bear’s Lodge.  In the trees at the base there are many pieces of cloth and small bundles tied up into the trees as offerings.  There are many geologic explanations as to why this formation is here.  The native people believe that some children were playing in the woods when a bear came after them.  The trees spoke to the children and told them to stand on a tree stump.  The tree stump grew tall to get them away from the bear.  The bear clawed at the sides of the stump to try and get the children which is where the grooves came from. 

Devil's Tower in the mistAlex and Erin at the foot of Devil's Tower

3 thoughts on “Devil’s Tower

  1. I have always loved history, now you are bringing it to life for me. You’ll never forget your amazing summer trip of 2010! Diana, your summary of Mt. Rushmore actually gave me the chills. Very introspective. Your entire family should go into writing and literature…..would be very interesting reading!……you too Jim!

    Enjoy your next two weeks all together. Wish we were there to hug you all. Be careful and keep the blogs coming. Love to all of you,
    Gramma and Pops

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