Today we went to Mt. Rushmore after a four hour drive, mostly on unpaved roads.  I thought Mt. Rushmore was really cool.  I was fascinated that nobody died or was critically injured in the making of this 14 year project.  There are four president’s faces on Mt. Rushmore, all for a different reason.  George Washington was put on the mountain because he is the father of our country, helped through the critical time of the Revolution and was the first president in America.  Thomas Jefferson was put on the historic mountain because he was the author of the Declaration of Independence and was the third president of the United States.  Theodore Roosevelt was put on because he founded the National park program, got the noble peace prize and helped in the Spanish American War.  Last but not least, Abraham Lincoln was put on because he was president during the civil war era, abolished slavery, and reunited the United States of America.  While we were there I did the Jr. Ranger program and learned all kinds of new interesting facts.  After we finished up at the museum we went to find a campground.  Once we found one we set up our tent at a record breaking speed of six minutes, cots included.  We went back later to see the mountain all lit up and they had a lecture about Louis and Clark and their expedition to explore America.  I learned all new things about them; I have never really studied them before.  When we went back the next morning, we saw the sculptor’s office where we learned about how they built the landmark and what they used to make it.  I found Mt. Rushmore very fascinating. 

The Wandering Mainers at Mt. Rushmore
Alex and Erin with a Tipi at the Native American education area at Mt. Rushmore

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