Mt. Rushmore

This was my second visit to Mt. Rushmore and for some reason it made more of an impression on my than the last.  There were many families there from all over the country making their pilgrimage to see this monument to the leaders of our country.  I think the park service has done a much better job with explaining who these men are and what their accomplishments were. 

The evening program was a movie that when into great detail about their careers and how their leadership started, preserved and grew our country.  The children asked me what other president should be added to the monument if it was possible.  That is a tough one and I thought about it.  And I came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to have a president who would reach the iconic status of these four men.  When we look at those four men we see their greatness as leaders.  We don’t remember their flaws, they all had them.  When you dig into history you find their flaws and realize if it were today they might not be elected and their presidencies certainly would have been tainted.  I think the media and television coverage of today’s leaders takes away from the jobs the leaders of our country need to do.  Everything they say and do is overanalyzed therefore everything they say and do is over planned and has spin put on it.  There needs to be balance between what the people need to know and knowing everything.  When the Constitution was written, it was behind closed doors.  All delegates were told not to discuss what happened during the process.  This gave them the freedom to disagree, argue and put forward new ideas.  It also gave them the freedom to agree, change their minds and write a document that has been the foundation of our government for over 200 years.  Maybe our leaders need this freedom so they can actually do what is right and we eliminate partisanship that is hurting our country.

At the end of the evening program, the ranger asked all current and past military personnel to come forward.  About 75 people came forward and stood on the stage at attention.  There were over 500 people in the audience and they all stood and gave these people a standing ovation.  Together everyone sang the National Anthem everyone ACTUALLY sang.  I know there were people there from all over the country with all kinds of beliefs and for this brief moment everyone came together to honor our country.  I hope someday this can carry over into the political workings of our country.


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