Good guys and bad guys from the gun fight
Camping in a canyon by the Shoshone river. While we were eating dinner a deer walked through but it was camera shy.


 Today was a very western day.  First we woke up in the coolest campground we’ve been to in Cody, Wyoming.  We chose one of the more rustic sites.  We were basically in a canyon and we had the Shoshone River running behind us.  From there we went to the Buffalo Bill museum.  The museum is full of the items he owned, to name a few……. His saddle, clothes, furs from animals he hunted, and tooth brush.  We also went on a trolley tour of Cody.  The guides were very funny and informal; they made the tour very fascinating.  We then went back to the museum to see the exhibit on Native Americans, Art, and Yellowstone.  My favorite exhibit was the Yellowstone exhibit I liked it because it had a lot on animals.

  We went in to town to get gas and to watch the gunfight reenactment; they didn’t use bullets, just blanks.  Alex could relate to the sheriff in the story because whenever danger came, the sheriff would hide in the bathroom.  Alex always hides in the bathroom when there is work to be done.  The gunfight was really cool and hilarious.  The only problem was it was super loud.

  Our final stop of the day was the rodeo, my favorite.  I was amazed to see how well the cowboys stayed on.  I was scared when a bull tried to escape and almost did.  There was a part were all the kids got to go in the ring and chase the calves.  Three cows had ribbon on their tails and if we caught on we got a prize, I didn’t get one.  Probably because I was too interested in where I was stepping than focusing on the cow, no wonder only boys caught them, they don’t care!  My favorite part in the rodeo was barrel racing, they go soooooooooooooooooooooo fast!  They look like they are flying.  It was really cute when a four year old tried in the Jr. Division.  I had a really fun day.



3 thoughts on “The Wild West by Erin 7/7/10

  1. I enjoy rodeo very much. I like barrell racing too and roping. Cody is such a great little town. I am so glad you got to see it. Have you noticed how few mosquitoes there are?

  2. Rodeo was the one thing Brian and I didn’t get to do last fall when we went west. I always wanted to, but I guess the season wasn’t right. I have seen some barrel racing at small horse shows that Dana used to compete in. I’ll bet your mom did some of that when she was a kid.

    I’m glad the outlaws were using blanks! Stay out of those rowdy salloons!

    Love, LULU xoxoxoxoxox

  3. That is so cool to see the cowboys! I’ve really enjoyed reading all about your different adventures! Sounds like a wonderful experience! Keep up the great writing and take care of your mom.

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