Alex inside Wind Cave
"Popcorn" formations in Wind Cave
Inside Wind Cave

Today we went to Wind Cave national park in the Black Hills of South Dakota. They have one of the biggest and most complex caves in the whole world. It was really cool when we got there we bought our tickets then ate lunch. After we ate lunch we went to were the tour starts. We had to bring our coats because it is always 52 degrees in the cave. The guide took us down the elevator and into the cave it was really cold. We walked along the trail until we got to a big cavern the guide talked about how the cavern formed and showed us the rock formations they were really cool.  This cave doesn’t have the usual stalactites and stalagmites.  Instead, it forms smaller more fragile formations called box work and popcorn.   We stated to walk up lots of stairs when we got to the top of the stairs we stopped in another cavern the tour guide turned all the lights of in the cavern to show us what the cave really looks like.  It was really dark, not a speck of light.  

Following the cave tour we started driving to Mount Rushmore. It took about 2 hours. The road we drove on went through the mountains and was really steep and windy. When we got to Mount Rushmore I was surprised about how small it was I thought it was much bigger.  We looked around and decide to leave and come back for the lighting ceremony we left and got set up at a campground.  We went back to the mountain and got food from the café.   I had a buffalo burger it tasted like a regular burger but it really was made of buffalo. We went to the ranger program and watched the movie about why they chose the presidents they did. At the conclusion of the movie, the light shone on the mountain.  I think the faces looked better lit up that way.  The program ended with the flag ceremony.

Erin inside Wind Cave

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