Today we had a day in Yellowstone National park.  I thought it was beautiful.  A lot of it was spent in the car, it was worth it.  We started out at a lake where we skipped rocks, at least Alex did.  I ended up just making splashes from where I failed (:   We also went to the tallest geyser in the world, Steamboat Geyser.  We didn’t get to see it go off because sometimes it goes off two days a year and sometimes not for a year.  We then went to a bunch of hot springs.  I thought the coolest was the Dragon’s Cave, this hot spring empties out of a cave that makes it sound like a dragon.

One of the many awesome views in Yellowstone
Hiking through the new forest by Harlequin Pond. The trees were so small the kids felt like giants.
Harlequin Pond

 We went to ranger program on Beavers.  I was fascinated by how many things they can do.  We went on a hike to little pond and kept seeing “beavers”, they were ducks.   I was bitten to death.  Apparently I was the only one,  probably because I’m the sweet one.J   

 My favorite was Old Faithful.  I thought it was so cool how the water can shoot up like that without human help!  I also thought it was cool how predictable it was.  Our final stop was a ranger speaking about different types of animals that live in Yellowstone.  I found it interesting what different species get together well like the coyote and the raven, completely unexpected.  I guess that’s nature!



3 thoughts on “Quick visit to Yellowstone by Erin 7/8/10

  1. Hey Guys, very interesting reading about your trip!!!

    I have really enjoyed “traveling” cross country and the history lessons.

    Miss ya.
    Uncle Chris

  2. Erin,
    I completely agree… ARE the sweet one!

    What do dragons sound like???? I’ve never heard one.

    Yes, nature is incredible and I’m so glad you’re learning so much about it.

    Lulu xoxoxoxox

  3. How interesting this trip of yours is! You’re seeing things that most of us only see in books. The wild west shoot out sounded like fun and the sitting onthe bull…..lucky he was tied up! Hope you guys are all having fun together…it must be great to have Dad along for a few weeks.
    We miss you but really enjoy reading about all your adventures……lottsa luv…Gramma & Pops

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