Watching for the dragon to come out of his cave
Alex pretending to touch one of the pools

Today we left Cody and drove to Yellowstone.   It took us about an hour to get to the gate.   After we paid to get in we went to the ranger station so Ham could get the Junior Ranger book.   She was not happy about this because mom is making her do it. After we got the book we went to rapids where sometimes you can see fish jumping up the river.    We did not see any because it is too early in the year to see them.  Later we saw Mud Volcano . Mud Volcano is a big hole with boiling mud in it. It smelled awful.  At the same place we saw dragons cave. It was really cool there was this cave with lots of steam coming out then every couple of minutes water would bubble and come out in a wave. The area where Mud Volcano and Dragon’s Cave are smelled like rotten eggs.   A large part of the park is actually an active volcano which is why there are all these hot springs and geysers.

Alex and Erin by rapids

 After we were done there we went to the camp ground and set up our tent.   We decided to go to the visitor center and eat lunch.   At the visitor center we watched the movie they have have and then  looked around after we were done we ate lunch while mom brought the stuffed back to the car.   Ham and I looked at the gift shop for presents for Dad.   When mom came back we bought stuff for dad we got him a plastic wine glass and a bottle of wine.   After we looked at the gift shop for a while we went to the Junior Ranger station and watched a presentation on beavers it was really cool.  After the junior ranger presentation we went back to the camp ground and ate dinner.

We drove to see Old Faithful.   We just missed Old faithful so we had to wait until the next eruption in 90 minutes.   While we waited we got ice cream and walked around the hot springs.  We watched the eruption it was cool. Then we went back to the campground and watched the campfire program about Yellowstone animals. Tomorrow we get to see dad!


2 thoughts on “Yellowstone by Alex 7/8/10

  1. Alex!
    I’ll bet your reunion with your dad was wonderful. You have so much to share with him.
    Did the dragon ever come out of his cave?????
    Looks like you’re getting quite a suntan

    Lulu xoxoxox

  2. Alex,
    Had to leave one more copmment (question)after examining your pictures. How many inches have you grown since you left Brunswick?????????? It appears that you have passed your m om. Is that possible???????

    Love, Luluxoxoxox

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