Sleeping in a tent has been okay...
...but it will be tough to go back to after this. I love AC!

We were so excited to see Jim that we were on the road early for our 6 hour ride to Salt Lake City.  We got caught in a lot of construction projects..lots of stopping and waiting which drove us crazy.  At one point, Erin yells from the back I am going to burst!!!  I thought she had to make a restroom stop, she was just excited to see her daddy.

We were 12 miles away from the hotel when we hit more traffic and we knew Jim was waiting for us in the hotel lobby.  We pulled up out front of the beautiful Hilton Hotel.  We must have been quite a sight with our van covered in prairie dust and dead bugs.  We hadn’t showered in a few days and had just rolled out of bed to get on the road.  We unloaded our “luggage” which as a torn 0verstuffed laundry bag and two pillow cases stuffed with more dirty laundry.  No one stopped and us and Jim as waiting for us!  Yahoo! 

We spent our afternoon relaxing and doing laundry.  The kids got a good swim in the pool.  We took Jim out to dinner at a southwestern restaurant near the hotel.

It is a little too comfortable in the hotel I may not want to leave.


2 thoughts on “Salt Lake City…Happy Birthday Jim! 7/9/10

  1. Wait, it was Jim’s birthday and I didn’t know about it??? Belated Happy Birthday Jim! Enjoy the luxary of the hotel. You soon will be covered in the red dirt of Utah. You will be amazed how the red dirt gets into everything. But, it is so wonderfully DRY.

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