This is my second visit to Yellowstone and I knew it wasn’t possible to see it in a day but that is all we had.  We didn’t want to miss our meeting time with Jim in Salt Lake City!  So, we made the most of our day.  I got to see some areas I didn’t see the last time I was here.  I believe I only had a day the last time I was here.  I was spoiled the last time I was here because it was in September and there weren’t many people.  July is a whole other story, there are people everywhere.  I read somewhere that half of all visitors to the park come in July.  I think half of those go the week after July 4th. 

One advantage of the crowds is there is always someone available to take our picture.
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Waiting for Old Faithful
Right on time!
Sunset at Yellowstone

We entered the park through the west entrance and traveled through Fishing Bridge and along the shores of Lake Yellowstone.  My favorite area was Canyon where we could see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  We took some short walks to viewpoints of the falls and waited our turn to get to the edge and take a picture. 

We waited until later in the day to see Old Faithful because I had heard it is difficult to get a parking space.  It worked out well because we got to see Old Faithful at sunset and the light was really nice on the geyser.  It is pretty amazing that the geyser is so “faithful” and erupts regularly.


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