July 10th 2010

After sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we headed to town to search for an oil change for the family roadster.  The Minivan is holding up well, if only it were able to voice protest of a near- max cargo-load and desert heat.  My biggest concern at this point is whether the AC will survive the remainder of the trip.  With an oil change and car wash accomplished we set out for Antelope Island; an island on Salt Lake.  Along the lengthy causeway leading to the island, one of the first images of notice is the mirror-like reflection of the islands varied land forms off the salt lake.  It is eerily pristine. I wonder if the high salt content contributes to the water’s dead calm.  The island itself is marked with vast open spaces, rolling fields of varying terrain framed within a mountainous range.  We stopped at picnic spot hoping to see antelope, buffalo, big horn sheep or other inhabitants of the island, but to no avail. The island is devoid of mosquitos, but we did encounter as Erin described “see me-nots”, undoubtedly the distant cultured cousin of Maine’s no-see-ums.    

Picninc lunch at Antelope Island

After lunch we visited what had been one of the nation’s longest continuously inhabited homesteads, an idyllic farm overlooking great Salt Bay with a history dating back to the 1700’s.  With many artifacts, farm machinery from generations past, it was not difficult to picture how life was on the island.

Reflection on Salt Lake
Ranch house on Antelope Island
The lake appears lifeless...

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