The gardens in Temple Square were amazing!

Before leaving the comfortable confines of our hotel accommodations and Salt Lake City, we visited Temple Square, the headquarters of the Mormon Church, or more specifically the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or LDS as it is commonly referred to in these parts. The square is an interesting blend of historic preservation and modern architecture.  The main temple reaches high into the sky as a focal point to the faithful who worship there.  The courtyards below are adorned with statues of Joseph Smith and other founders of the faith along with meticulously manicured gardens, reflecting pools and fountains.  We also happened upon the Tabernacle,  the place  the famous Mormon Choir calls home. Unfortunately we missed the morning performance of the choir, but we did get to see the setting where so many performances have been filmed and broadcast around the nation.  The many seats circled the center stage in amphitheatre fashion fore to a most impressive array of organ pipes and instruments of music. High above the main stage is a bank of lights fit for a television studio.

It is clear the church is rooted deep in its convictions; however, it is equally clear it possesses equally deep pockets by which to propagate its message.  Much to my pleasant surprise, no attempts were made to evangelize or otherwise “save” me, a strangely common occurrence when I find myself on city streets.

This Temple was built in the 1800s and took 14 years to complete. It is closed to the public and is used for important events and functions of the church.

After leaving Temple Square we headed for Moab, some 230 miles south of Salt Lake and a central  point for visiting Canyonlands and Arches National Park


6 thoughts on “Temple Square, Salt Lake City by Jim 7/11/10

  1. What? You were in Temple Square and NOT bombared by missionaries?

    Enjoy Canyonlands. One of my Sacred Places.

    I am minus a tooth, awaiting an implant. Stitches in my mouth. Not much fun.

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. Hope you like Moab, we loved it! It is action packed with outdoor activites and its a vibrant little town. Have fun!

  3. It is heart warming to see you all together for this part of the adventure! It sounds quite hot out there (although we’ve had our share of heat in Maine this summer). The pictures are beautiful, what scenery you’re seeing……the MOST beautiful pictures are of Alex and Erin….WE MISS THEM SOOOOO MUCH! (miss you guys too!)
    questiion… do I go to your latest blog without having to page through from day one?
    Also, Diana…did you marinate the vegetables in anything for the shishkebobs? I’m making them on Sunday for Aunt Lucille and Uncle Bill.

    Love you all……Gramma and Pops

  4. Denise….I’ve been telling them that for years…..I’ll be their book agent and travel the world with them! Carol

  5. WHAT AN AMAZINGLY WRITTEN ACCOUNT OF YOUR TRIP!!!!!! I’ve read it a few times (after I found out how to get on your site!) and printed it out!
    The opportunity for the family to experience such a memorable trip is a tribute to the love you all share!
    I am so happy for all of you!!!! AND, each of you could become authors in your own right!!!
    Love, Aunt Diane

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