Erin about to dig into her shrimp taco
Alex and his huge burrito. He is the only one who finished his meal!

One last entry on Salt Lake!  My mom gave us the book Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives by Guy Fieri one of the Food Network guys.  Salt Lake is the first place where we were able to choose from places he suggested.  So we chose the Lonestar Taqueria.  It was off the beaten path for us and fortunately Tom-Tom showed the way.  It was great to see a different part of town!

This place was awesome!  When we walked in it was busy, loud and it felt like everyone was speaking Spanish.  We quickly figured out the  menu and placed our order.  Alex, Jim and I each had a burrito.  The burritos were stuffed with meat, cheese, rice and beans.  All the ingredients were fresh and the taste was awesome.  Erin had a shrimp taco which she loved and it was delicious (she let me have a bite).  This is the best Mexican food I have ever had and I have been to Mexico!

We will have to take Guy’s advice again when we get to Arizona!

The cool car out front has bumper stickers from all over...including a Ski the East sticker. Now who would put that on a car in the middle of Utah!?!??!

2 thoughts on “Lonestar Taqueria Salt Lake City by Mom 7/10/10

  1. Uncle Don and I are envious of your trip! Your experiences will last a lifetime in your memory bank! Mexican burritos…..YUM!
    Love hearing all about your adventures….Love, Dunt Diane

  2. I’m so glad you enjoyed the food recommend by Guy of DDD. I watch his show all the time and wish we could go to some of those rest. I wish for you a wonderful visit into the Southwest Molly is very happy. We cater to her every whim. She loves to go out in the yard as there are so many interesting smells.

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