Erin at upheaval dome in Canyonlands

 Today we went to Arches National park.  Arches National park is a park in Moab, Utah and is filled with Arches, needles and many, many more landforms.  To start off the day we went on a hike to go see Delicate Arch. Delicate Arch is the unofficial symbol of Utah.   Delicate Arch is red rock from Iron but it is also tannish around the base.  The hike was mostly uphill and in direct sunlight the whole time.  One half of a mile out of 1 ½ miles is really steep and is open rock.   The hike was definitely strenuous, but it was beautiful.  We were sweating a lot but it was so worth it.  I was scared on the hike because when we got there, the destination is all slanted into a canyon so we had to make sure I didn’t step too close to the edge.  I was disappointed when we had to head back.  I was surprised that there was nothing supporting the arch at all and that it could fall any minute.

Alex and Erin with Delicate Arch
Alex and Erin in front of Landscape Arch

 In 1991 the Landscape arch collapsed while visitors were admiring it.  We hiked to Landscape Arch the next morning and it did look like it would collapse any minute!  We also saw, Windows, Balancing Rock, Fiery Furnace and Devil’s Garden.  I really enjoyed Moab, Utah.

Erin on the trail to the Delicate ArchErin at Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands

4 thoughts on “Arches National Park by Erin 7/14/10

  1. Hi Erin,
    I hope that all of you are keeping a journal of your adventures….pictures and all!!!! It’s an incredible story! Love, Aunt Diane

  2. What breathtaking views! You’ve done a fabulous job documenting your adventures. You stay away from those edges!!!!!!! YIKES!!!!!!

  3. I get nervous when you are near dangerous rocks……BE CAREFUL. You are like the explorers of old that went west……you guys are lucky!

    Love you all, Gramma and Pops

  4. i’m glad that u had a good time at moab.we went to arches ourselves and thought it was really amazing too.i hope u have th most wondrful time on th rest of ur trip. ur friend hannah
    p.s.when are u gettin back

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