One of the spectacular views of Canyonlands
Jim enjoying the heat and views of Canyonland


July 12, 2010

If the beauty of coastal New England can be described as beauty within confined sculpted spaces, the beauty of the American west can be described as the beauty of boundless open space. Canyonlands has forever changed my perception of both geographic scale and space.  From just about any point, my peripheral vision is stretched to its limits, struggling to appreciate the enormity of the panoramic views. Looking down from scenic plateaus that are in some points, 1000 feet above the canyon floor and more than 6000 feet above sea level, depth perception is redefined.    The array of colors and textures across the landscape is beyond ordinary description. Within the walls of the canyon, shades of earth tones signify different points in history, when nature’s fury left its mark. The textures vary greatly, from polished smooth stone to complex asymmetry.  On the canyon floor are etchings left behind from water that once flowed.  Ever evolving through the forces of wind, rain and sun, it is easy to forget that these canyons are some 300 million years in the making.      

Jim relaxes at our picnic spot

5 thoughts on “Canyonlands by Jim 7/12/10

  1. My dear James,
    If you do not use your extraordinary talent of descriptive writing, then all people will lose experiencing the depth of visualizing the world through your eyes. I urge you to consider writing as a way to contribute to a more beautiful existence. Writing about your ups and downs of living with a disability would be a God=send to so many who are going through what you wnet through. Yesterday, we spent time with a 10 year old boy severly involved with C.P. but with a brain that functions perfectly. Think of how you could help all the Justins of the owrld.
    As a former Language Arts teacher….YOU HAVE IT!!!!!! lOve, Aunt Diane

  2. I ditto Aunt Diane. Your writing is an inspiration. I know a fifth grade teacher who could sign you up for some writing workshops with her students!!!!

    Thanks for all the wonderful imagery. It’s so wonderful to see all of you together. Gotta say, you look pretty relaxed!!!!!!

    \Love, Lulu xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Marc-Aureles….you are all leaving awesome blogs, but Jim, this last blog read as a novel. It’s a gift. I love you all and am missing seeing you. Your trip is an amazing adventure and we’re lucky you’re sharing it with us.
    Can’t wait to see you all…..lots of love…Gramma and Pops

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