For the past two days we have stayed in Moab, Utah. It is really cool here because it is near two National Parks, Arches and Canyonlands. There are so many mountains and rock formations. From our camp ground we can see a Garfield rock formation.  It is really hot here yesterday it got to 102 degrees.

Alex with a tumbleweed that rolled into our campsite
Alex at Upheaval Dome in Canyonlands
Alex and Erin by the Arch in Canyonland

 Yesterday we went on a sun set boat tour. Before we  go on the boat they serve dinner.   It was really good.   It was a cowboy dutch oven dinner.  They had homemade rolls, corn, potatoes, barbecued pork chicken and beef.    I had the beef and the pork. It was really good!  

After they fed us they loaded the boat for the tour on the Colorado River. While the sun set the guide talked about the history of the area and pointed out faces in the rocks.   Many movies were filmed in the area.   We passed a cliff  were a Taco Bell commercial was filmed.   When darkness fell,  lights were shown  on the rocks.  There was a recorded narration and music that told how the rocks  were formed and the history of the area. While the presentation was happening the boat got stuck in the mud.  One  of the guides had to get out and push the boat out of the mud.  The stars were really cool.   Tomorrow we are driving to  Capital Reef State Park.

Alex and Erin on Canyonland Night Tour

4 thoughts on “Moab, UT by Alex 7/13/10

  1. What great experiences! I am sooooooooooooooooo jealous of your adventures in seeing the USA! You’ve already seen more that I probably never will! LUCKY YOU!!

  2. Alex, your writing is incredible! It’s so wonderful to hear someone your age really appreciating the natural beauty of our country.I know this trip will make a huge impression that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
    Have you worn out your hiking shoes yet???

  3. Alex….sounds like you’re really having a good time…..the things you are seeing and doing. It’s really awesome. I don’t think you’ll ever forget this trip of 2010.

    Look forward to seeing you (in real life)….love you, Gramma and Pops

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