As I (sort of) planned this trip one state I knew I wanted to visit was Utah.  Why??? I’m not really sure…maybe it was the pictures or hearing people talk about it.  Well…I am happy to say I love it here!  This has quickly become one of my favorite places in the country.  Around every corner or mountain top is something to see and it is usually breathtaking.  I also love that so much of the state has not been overdeveloped, at least by eastern standards.  We haven’t seen a Wal*Mart in a week.

Erin and Alex on the Grand View trail

Moab is a vibrant little town in the southwest corner of the state.  Most of the businesses are geared toward the tourists and getting them out into the wilderness.  We stayed at a campground on the outskirts of town and enjoyed the quiet.

Our first day in the area we visited the Island in the Sky section of Canyonland National Park.  I expected a nice park with a canyon we got WAY more.  You could have plunked me down on the side of the canyon and told me this is the Grand Canyon and I would have believed it.  The canyon was amazing and stretched out in all directions.  At one point, Alex asked why is this place called Island in the Sky?  He had his aha moment when we were hiking the Grand View Rim trail and the canyon was stretched out on either side of us.    

Jim and I with Devil's Garden in the background
Delicate Arch

Arches National Park was our second stop in the Moab area.  We had to get up early to beat the heat.  We started off hiking to Delicate Arch.  It was the first strenuous hike we have done on this trip.  I keep telling myself that I am out of breath because of the altitude…it can’t possibly be me although my workout routine has fallen by the wayside.  The view when we arrived at the top was soooo worth it.  To see this icon of Utah was really quite breathtaking (and not just from the hike).   We spent our day touring around the park trying to stay cool and see as many arches as we could.   

The light was a bit too bright during the day so we decided to get up REALLY early to go for another hike and get some more pictures.  We kept our campers happy by telling them we would go out for breakfast.  We found a funky place to go out for breakfast and everyone was happy.  We loaded ourselves into the car and headed west.


4 thoughts on “Utah Rocks…by Mom 7/13/10

  1. It’s soooo great to see the pictures of Jim with you. I am exhausted just reading about your hiking and exploring. What a beautiful country we have.Kdeep up the great work!
    Love, Lulu xoxoxox

  2. No, it really is the alttitude. I almost passed out in Bryce. And even if it isn’t the altittude, that’s my story and I am sticking with it. Utah is gorgeous and it is a wonderful place to explore. Wish you had So California on your list. I’d love to see you all.

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