• Three Reasons
    Sitting at a campsite within Capitol Reef National Park, I have had time to reflect on my camping experiences in the west, and why in my view it has been superior to any camping I have done in the Northeast. I see now why my friend Richelle left her camping gear in Colorado before moving east. Three reasons why camping has certainly been better here:


  • It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity – a familiar retort in the east – how nice it is to wake every day without the musty dampness that permeates any and all surfaces when camping in the east. Or without that feeling of stickiness that hits you within seconds after taking a shower. Cool too are the nights, allowing for restful sleep, without sticking to one ’s self. This is to say nothing of the lack of constant threat of showers that exists in the east. Anyone who has had to pack up camping gear after even the slightest of rains, or even the morning dew, will surely understand.


  • Home on the range – I awoke this morning to see two deer peacefully grazing in the grass between campsites. They are quite comfortable roaming around the site. I cannot fathom how anyone could hunt animals for sport.
    Picking fresh apricots

    Along the edge of the campsite are fruit trees available for picking. I’ll be having fresh apricot with my breakfast today.


  • No mosquitos – perhaps the greatest camping comfort of all. In the early morning sun I sit here without need for bug spray or constant swatting at critters attempting to exact blood and flesh. Occasionally I have seen tiny lizards that go about their business without intrusion. 

5 thoughts on “Three reasons by Jim 7/15/2010

  1. OK – no mosquitos is “huge”, but don’t get any ideas about moving away from the Northeast!!!

    Besides, aren’t there poisonous snakes and spiders out there?

    -Denise 😉

  2. I second this assessment!

    The drought of 1988 was in effect during my last visit, which was hard on farming but literally heavenly for tent campers. We didn’t have to put up the tent for 8 of the 10 weeks we traveled out west, and slept on a tarp under a blanket of stars…

    Do watch for anthills. One after-dark arrival resulted in our spreading the tarp over a teeming community. No bites, just an undertone of rustling beneath us… and finally recognition and a rapid relocation across the site. Fire ants are not our friends!

  3. If you guys stay out west…..expect Gramma and Pops to show up for lonnnnnnng visits. You all look so great….Harry just said….if we go out west, he and Jack want to come visit too!!!!

    Maybe the Northeast isn’t where you should be….follow your hearts.

    We love you….Gramma and Pops

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