To day we did an audio tour of Capitol Reef National park. Capitol Reef National Park is in the middle of the desert. It is not as hot as Moab. At the visitor center we got the audio tour CD dad got a hat that you soak in water and it keeps you cool.

Jim, Alex and Erin Panorama Point

We started with the west tour this tour took us around the west side of the park. At one of the stops we had a great view into a canyon with a river at the bottom. After we finished the west tour we ate lunch. We had sandwiches on homemade bread that we got at the store near our campground. They were really good. After lunch we started the east tour. At the east tour we stopped at the school and sat in the desks. After we did that we stopped at a house that a farmer lived in. A lizard scared mom while she was walking on the trail.   After we did the east tour we did the scenic drive tour. The scenic drive tour goes though a really steep canyon it was cool.   Tomorrow we are going hiking in the morning the driving to Bryce canyon.

Time to hit the car wash...when we find oneThe can traveled some rough roads through the canyons. We don't think we lost any important pieces.

Alex holding up a bridge on our hike

One thought on “Capitol Reef National Park by Alex

  1. Alex,
    We know you are STRONG, BUT didn’t realize you could support a whole stone bridge!!!!!!!!!!

    Got some work for you when you return!!!!!


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