Today we went to Capitol Reef National Park.   Capitol Reef is in the old Mormon town of Fruita.  The town of Fruita usually only had ten families living there at a time because of how isolated the town was.  Most of the town is fruit orchard with Apples, Apricots, Cherries, and Pears.  Our campground was right next to an Apricot orchard so one morning we picked some.  I was too short to pick and all the ladders and fruit pickers were in use so I rode on Alex’s shoulders for some help.  I felt like I was going to fall off but I didn’t.  Although getting off was a little dicey, I still made it without injury (Alex did too).

Capitol Reef scenery

  Near the Orchard there is the Gifford house, the house of a family that lived in Fruita.  There is a tiny museum on the right side of the house and on the left is a little bakery.  They sold pie, scones, bread and jam, all of which is homemade.  We bought some scones for breakfast, pie, bread and soda at the little shop and all of it was amazing. 

Chimney Rock

We bought a car tour so we got to see most of the park.  I thought it was interesting that some of the rocks were jet black because of volcanic action quite a while back.  I also enjoyed looking at pictograms  from the native Americans still engraved in the rock.  That night we went to a ranger program about the history of Astronomy and stargazing, we all enjoyed it very much.  After the program was over there was an Astronomer set up with his telescope in the parking lot.  We got to see Saturn and its rings, ( my favorite) and the milky way.  The Milky Way was vague but it was still cool.  I really enjoyed how rustic Capitol Reef national park was.



2 thoughts on “Capitol Reef by Erin 7/15/10

  1. Good description! All you Marc-Aureles are great writers. Are you still planning to go to Arizona? When is Dad coming home? When are you all coming home?????? Miss you and love you, Gramma and Pops

  2. Stargazing is awesome. I can only imagine what it is like out there for you!!!!! Brian has an awesome telescope if you ever want to borrow it!


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