Today we rode mules into Bryce Canyon. The mule I road was named Winchester.  He was a lazy mule that did not want to walk fast. The trail was very steep going into the canyon.  We were the only Americans on the tour all of the rest were German.  While we were riding the mule kept trying to bite my foot. The guide told us about how the rocks were formed and pointed out some rock formations. There was one of a dog playing a piano. He said in some parts of the canyon they got twenty feet of snow. The tour company had to shovel the trail so they could start doing tours again in the spring. We road through a couple of tunnels they were really cool. At one point on the trail we stopped next to a rock leaning over the trail. The guide said that every season they find a stick to hold the rock up.


3 thoughts on “Bryce Canyon by Alex 7/18/10

  1. Looking at all the wonderful pictures that you have posted all I can say that God and Mother Nature are the greatest artists and sculptures ever. I envy you the opportunity to see all this up close and personally.


  2. Hi Alex,
    How is your foot? Sounds like the mule needed a little lunch!
    What an experience all of you are having!!! I hope that you are saving all the photos as well as all your great descriptions of the trip! You will have a journal that will be the envy of all!!!!
    Enjoy the remaining excitement you’re bound to have.
    Love, Aunt Diane

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