Sunset on the road to South Rim of Grand Canyon


We have spent the last two days at the Grand Canyon. We drove to the North Rim and saw the canyon. There was not much for us to do there.  We looked at some of the view points and decided to drive to the South Rim it took us about 6 hours.

View from the highest view point on the North Rim

We got to the south rim at about 11 at night. We had to try a  couple of hotels before we found on with space.  In the morning we went to the visitor center we decided to walk some of the rim trail. The rim trail had great views of the canyon.  After we walked the rim trail we went to watch an Indian dance presentation.   After the show it started to rain. It rained for the rest of the day so we just drove around and looked at some of the view points. We thought that the rain might stop so we got into the campground and set up. It did not stop raining. It rained through most of the night.  Early in the morning it was sunny. Then while we were packing up it started raining again. Everything got wet tomorrow we drive to Phoenix .

It's a good thing there were trees so we could use the tarp and bungees!

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon by Alex 7/21/10

  1. Maybe the rain felt good after all of the heat! The Grand Canyon sounds a little tame after all of the other adventures you’ve had.

    Take good care of your mom on the way home!!!! We miss you!

    Lulu xoxoxoxox

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