After visiting all the other parks and canyons the Grand Canyon seems misnamed.  So many of the other places we have been are grand.  I think a better name would be the vast canyon.  It is so endless…sitting on the rim and listening to the wind swirl around reminds us of how small we all are. 

Hermit's Rest

Jim made the decision to drive to the south rim since and he was willing to drive.  I had done this once before and I know how painful and endless this ride can be.  But, Jim stuck to it and we made it in decent time.  It was a bit of a problem finding a room but we were fine. 

It was a good call to make the drive when we did becuase Tuesday morning was the last bit of nice weather for a few days.  It figures…the Marc-Aurele’s visit the desert during monsoon season.  It was exciting to see a storm move across the canyon.

A storm moves through the Grand Canyon

I think Jim jinxed us with his reasons why we like camping in the west.  We got pretty wet.  Alex said, “This feels just like Moosehead!”  We had to pack away a  wet, muddy tent and tarps.  Yuck!

Just a glimmer of a rainbow


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