Sedona Scenery

 Today was a day at the Grand Canyon, the south rim to be precise.  We spent the day sightseeing around the rim.  We got to drive to see many views and museums/ shops.  First we went on a paved walkway following the rim.  There were many spectacular views, and lizards!  Alex kept freaking mom out by going too close to the edge and pretending to fall off the cliff.   There were many spectacular views of the uneven landscape of the canyon.  A storm started brewing while we were sightseeing, so we went to a little observation building and museum.  We had a great view of the canyon.  When we looked down we could see a vague raft prepared to go whitewater rafting but didn’t set out because of lighting going in that direction.  When the storm came along we had the perfect spot to watch.  Craggily flashes came down with cracking following closely behind with thunder.  To my surprise, no toddlers were screaming and nobody was freaking out.  Everyone there was to watch the storm.  When we attempted to leave, a loud crack came overhead.  Everyone there jumped and scrambled inside to safety.  Then came the pouring rain, and that night, we were camping in the national park.  We got soaked.  The Grand Canyon was definitely grand.

Erin presents the Grand Canyon!
Sunsets at the Grand Canyon

  Our next stop was 2 ½ hours out of the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Arizona.  Sedona is a little tourist town in the middle of nowhere, mostly made up of shops, hotels, and restaurants.  We took two trolley tours during our visit; both were very informal and interesting.  We stayed in a nice hotel and had a relaxing day.  We shopped all day then went back to the hotel and watched movie during yet another lightning storm.  We got a semi- early start and went on a quick hike to a vortex.  A vortex is a really complicated energy thing that I don’t understand; you’ll have to look it up.  I felt a little tingly in my finger tips, it happens to some people in vortexes.  Alex thought I pricked my finger on a Yucca plant and that is why I was having a tingly sensation.  I thought Sedona was a nice, artsy town.

Touring around on the Sedona TrolleySedona Scenery

2 thoughts on “Grand Canyon to Sedona by Erin 7/22/10

  1. Looks like a great trip. I love the Grand Canyon.

    Sorry to see you van up on the truck. Good thing Diana always keeps a cool head.

  2. Erin, I will look up “vertex”. I don’t think the yucca plant had anything to do with it.
    Sedona sounds like a nice little spot. SHOPPING???????????????


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