Today we went to Bryce canyon.  We rode mules down into the canyon and around it a little.   Mine’s name was Mouse.  Alex, Mom and I were behind the tour guide.  Alex had Winchester, Mom had Jake.  I learned that mules are way smoother than horses they are also smarter.  Cowboy Dave called them Cowboy Cadillacs  The tour felt like we had it all to ourselves because everyone else was European and didn’t speak English.  The view was breathtaking, all of the rocks looked entirely different; some were tall and skinny, others were short and stubby.  There were many balancing rocks and tiny caves.  The caves had mountain lions hiding in them, thank goodness we didn’t see any.  There was a spot on the ride called devil’s slide, it is a very slanted stretch with sharp turns, it was really creepy.  Our tour guide, Dave was really funny and kind so he made the ride even more enjoyable.  After riding a mule for four hours we had fanny fatigue and wobbled around for a while.  Our tour guide told us to walk normal and smile.  This was to not scare anyone else we see from taking the tour later in the day.   I had a lot of fun in Bryce canyon.

Happy trails..Erin and Alex riding their mules


One thought on “Riding Mules in Bryce Canyon by Erin 7/18/10

  1. Dear Erin,

    “Fanny Fatigue!!!” What a great way to describe the feeling after so many hours on a mule!! Your photos are spectacular! What a wonderful world we live in … and you are so fortunate to have experienced so many fabulous adventures. I’m living your trip through all of you. Thanks for the opportunity to let me “travel” with you.
    Love, Aunt Diane

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