Sedona is a beautiful little town tucked in bewteen national forrests with gorgeous red rock scenery.  It is a quirky New Agey type town where people come for mental and physical rejuvination.  It is the location of four vortexes which are centers of energy from the earth.  Some feel an emotional physical change while at one of these sites.  We did have any life changing experiences but we enjoyed our visit.  I know we will be back for a longer visit.

Tech problem (again) match the caption with the picture

Alex and Erin at Boynton Canyon VortexYou can take a vortex home with you??Every other store sells healing crystals
Sedona Scenery


2 thoughts on “Sedona by Diana 7/22/10

  1. Sounds like mental and physical rejuvenation might be in order!!!!! Hope you took advantage!


  2. Hello Marc-Aureles!! Your pictures are beautiful and we enjoyed reading your blog. Glad your trip is going well. I’m inspired to travel out West after looking at your blog. How the heck did the kids get so mature looking!! Wishing you continued safety and enjoyment.
    The Larsons

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