Hanging garden by Weeping Rocks

For the past two days we have been in Zion canyon.  On the first day we rode the shuttle bus to all of the different viewpoints. My favorite view point was weeping rock they call it weeping rock because water falls out of the cliff making hanging gardens. The water falls out of the rocks because when rain falls on top of the plateau the sand stone absorbs the water. The water soaks down through all of the layers until reaches harder rock.  Then the water moves sideways until it reaches the cliff making weeping rock.

Weeping Rocks with waterfall behind us

The next day me and mom got up early to hike.   We took the shuttle from our hotel to the park. We thought we would be the only people on the shuttle but it was almost full. Most of them were going to the same place we were going. The hike we did was called AngelsLlanding. First you go up a set of switch backs.   Switch backs cut across the mountain instead of going straight up to the top. It makes it less steep. After we went up the switch backs we went into a canyon.   They call it refrigerator canyon because it is almost always 15 degrees colder than the outside of the canyon. When we got to the back of the canyon there we even more switch backs they call them Walters wiggles. They were very steep. When we got to the end there is a flat part in the trail we rested for a little while. The trail went straight  up it was only about a foot wide with cliffs on either side and only a chain to hold on to.  It got to a flat part again. It was not the end but we turned around the last quarter mile was evenn steeper and narrow.  The chipmunks at the top of the mountain were really aggressive.   I was sitting and resting and a chipmunk climbed on my back pack.  Later we drive to the Grand Canyon.

Crazy chipmunk who tried to break into Alex's packAlex hanging onto chain at the top of Angels Landing trail

2 thoughts on “Zion by Alex 7/20/10

  1. Your adventures are getting scarier and scarier. You guys are turning into wild west explorers! Brunswick is going to seem mighty tame to all of you. It is still hot and humid here in New England. We run our air conditioner in the bedroom every night. Looking forward to giving you all big hugs and listening to all your amazing stories that you’ll bring back with you.

    BE CAREFUL…..do something that requires both of your feet to be on terra firma!

    Luv ya, Gramma and Pops

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