Three Patriarchs of Zion


The past day has been in Zion National Park.  We showed up around 12:00 in the afternoon, hungry.  We fought for a parking spot close to the visitor’s center and after circling around a couple times, we found one.  We picked up the shuttle schedule and hopped on the next one we saw.  That took us to our first destination, the theater were we watched an informational video on the history of Zion.  We then went to Zion Lodge.  We tried to go on an “accessible” walk with dad, but it didn’t work so we left him to people watch at a creek with people swimming.  Alex, Mom, and I did do the trail.  It was a lot of uphill and had a cool view.  I was a little disappointed when we got there  because the pictures all made the waterfall fast running and overflowing.  The waterfall was a trickle running off the edge off a rock because of the season.  Despite my disappointment I still enjoyed the beauty of the landscape of the hidden away sanctuary.  

Alex and Erin at Emerald Pool

 When we got back from the hike, we had ice cream.  We were sitting around eating it when mine got a little weak from melting and half of it fell.  I was disappointed but then I noticed it was pretty big anyway and I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish it anyway.  My favorite part of Zion was the Weeping rock.  I thought it was surreal that water could drip from the rock all the time always portraying a weeping rock.  I loved touching the slime but Mom refused to touch the slime.  I thought Zion National park was beautiful.

Checkerboard MesaErin and mom on Ermerald Pools trail

One thought on “Zion by Erin

  1. It sounds and looks incredible!!!!!!!
    GREAT description, Erin! I felt like I was there. The ice cream was yummy, but soft!

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