Today we went to Mesa Verde National Park.  First,  we went to the visitor center to get tickets for the pueblo tours. We decided to do the Balcony House and Cliff Palace tours. First we did the Balcony House tour.  We went down a bunch of the stairs. Then we climbed up a wood ladder. Then walked though a tunnel and up another ladder. At the end of the tunnel we were in a court yard we listened to the ranger talk about the buildings and what they were used for.   The rooms with fireplaces were where people lived.  Other rooms were used for storage, most of the rooms were for storage.

We walked across the courtyard to another tunnel.   We had to crawl through this tunnel.   At the other end of the tunnel there was a ladder and a steep cliff to climb up.  That was the end of the tour. The next tour we did was the Cliff Palace.  Cliff Palace was much bigger than Balcony house.  It was more like a city. After we did the Cliff Palace tour we drove to some of the different viewpoints. Then it started to rain and hail. There was lots of lightning.   After we were done at the National Park we drove to Durango, Colorado.

Climbing one of the many ladders on the dwelling tours
This tunnel is 18 inches wide and 12 feet longClimbing one of the many ladders on the dwelling tours

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